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Wednesday, November 27th
Skypp will be performing at Epic Ultra Lounge.

Friday, November 22nd
Damon Karl performs for Quiet Storms Of Domestic Violence Presents Thanksgiving Matinee at The Grand, 5462 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218 from 8:00 PM until 12:00 AM. Admission: $5 per person.

Coming this Fall will be new music from:
Skypp‘s new album u4u
Ordis Drain‘s new single “FOOL (SIDECHICK REGRETS)” featuring Lee’a Ro
Quasey‘s new single “TAKE OFF”
DJay Prodigy‘s new TBA single

Babyface‘s drummer Reggie Regg Johnson has a side project with his band, Loud As Funk, whose debut single “SUMMER EVERYDAY” is available now.

Stream it on Spotify by clicking HERE.


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